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Glow in the Dark Apple Watch Bands for Apple Watch Silicone Neon Glow Bands Banner

the best fitness watch band

Glow Bands are 100% waterproof, silky smooth, and comfortable. The band fits snug and doesn’t bounce on your wrist when exercising.

style + safety

Improve your visibility near roads while looking great. This extra benefit makes Glow Bands a perfect gift in more ways than one.

glow in the dark apple watch bands


Our silicone glow in the dark Apple Watch bands don’t support bacterial growth. It makes them so easy to clean and safer to wear.

durability + comfort

Having to stop your workout because your watch is bouncing on your wrist is frustrating. That messes up your activity readings and your focus on the workout. Cheap silicone, nylon and other fabrics stretch out and cause this to happen.

Our watch bands fit securely and don’t bounce on your wrist when exercising. The high-grade silicone feels silky smooth against your skin. Making it the most comfortable and trusted Apple Watch band. Glow Bands come in 8 beautiful colors. See them here.

100% Waterproof

Activate “Open Water Swim” on your Apple Watch with confidence. Glow Bands are 100% waterproof and the metal button is rust-free for ocean water activities. Swim, kayak, or paddle board worry free. After a day at the beach, your antibacterial watch band is easy to clean.

As if the stellar quality and awesome colors weren’t enough, our overachieving Apple Watch bands also glow in the dark. The glow gets more powerful when it’s charged with indoor lights or the sun. This allows you to enjoy your glow in the dark apple watch bands in daylight too. In the sunlight, the Glow Bands will appear curiously vibrant, bringing out your sun kissed summer tan.

glow in the dark apple watch bands

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